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14 October 2008 @ 04:34 pm
Once i got into the falls, i made my way to the core of Belch's hideout. The enemies weren't too hard, but their strenght was impotant and they used to appear in groups.

When i found Belch, that horrible monster started a fight with me.

---Note: There's no other way to defeat Belch but use the item Jar of fly honey just before the battle starts. He will lose his mind after it and with 4 or 5 psi attacks and normal attacks he should be defeated.---

So when i defeated him, i was able to return to Saturn Village, where everyone thanked me for everything i did before. To clean myself from Belch's horrible barf and stuff i entered the hot springs and then talked to a Saturn who offered me a cup of coffee. I accepted and he (someone?) talked to me about my past and my future... After that i talked with everyone from the village, bought some things, went to sleep and went through the cave near the springs, Milky Well.

Through that way i arrived to a Sanctuary, but first i had to defeat Trillionage Sprout, it wasn't really difficult.

By that time i was level 31 with Ness and 27 with Paula and Jeff.

My stone recorded the melody. After that i returned to Saturn Village once more, and then all the way back to Threed. Some people thanked me everything i had done previously.

Apparently all ghosts and zombies were gone and the bus could get through the tunnel. So i walked all south and then turned right, crossed the tunnel and arrived to the Desert.

13 October 2008 @ 04:25 pm
Note: Due to some kind of long break from this game, i stopped writing down what i was doing on it and thus posting it up here, therefore i will only explain some things that go from Threed to Saturn Village, because the path there is very simple, there are not complicated puzzles or anything, so yeah.

Basically what there's to do in Threed is visit the whole place, investigate about zombies and then go to the graveyard. At some point of the game, you must go to the hotel and some people will trap you...and you will get stuck on a kind of cave.

After that, Paula will use her psi powers to call Jeff, the third friend, so he can go there and save them. You will now play as Jeff for a while. Just talk to the man at the Lab. and he will give you something to open doors, but it's broken, so you will have to visit him again and now everything will work. Go out of the dorms and look for a shop, there you will see a monkey, you must talk to the girl who is selling it, you MUST buy it, you need it. Now head south, take care since Jeff is level 1 and all that jazz.

When you arrive to the lake, Tessie will come out of the water and take you to the other side...where you must cross a kind of labyrinth (nothing tough really), and after that you will eventually be able to visit Jeff's father, who will let you use his flying machine thing...and then you will appear at the cave where Paula and Ness are located.

Use the machine to open doors that Jeff has near the door to open it and go outside. Once you are on Threed again, talk to the people from the circus and stuff. At some point you will get a call from the inventor kid, he will send you something to trap the zombies. Go use it and all zombies will be defeated.

After that, go to the graveyard and now you will be able to enter the basement that was blocked by two zombies before. This will eventually lead you to Saturn village...explore the city and stuff, buy as much things as you can, get the doctor to heal you etc.

Now go to the falls, someone will ask you for a password. All you have to do is stay still (don't touch anything!) for like 3 minutes and he will let you in...crazy, uh?
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12 October 2008 @ 09:47 pm
Note: Due to some kind of long break from this game, i stopped writing down what i was doing on it and thus posting it up here, therefore i will only explain some things that go from Peaceful Rest Valley to Threed, because the path there is very simple, there are not complicated puzzles or anything, so yeah.

So i went to Peaceful Rest Valley. By the time i got there for the first time it was really tough, but now that i have trained hard and stuff, it's alright. The only enemies i had trouble dealing with were the Trees, since they bursted into flames and hurted Ness a lot. I would recommend you had something like this on your inventory:

-Large pizzas/food in general, to heal Ness.
-A teddy bear or two, since this will help you a lot.
-Any other item that allows you to heal weird diseases.

Ok so walk all over the valley taking anything you find, fighting and stuff, after all of that you will get to Happy Happy village.
As someone told me in Twoson, Happy Happy Village people are fanatical about a strange religion, Happy Happyism. Those weirdos think they can find happiness by painting everything blue, so you know you are going to find hilarious people/situations there.

Anyway, after exploring the whole city went to the Hotel and spent a night there.

I went shopping and stuff and after all that i visited a house (a big blue one, perhaps? I can't remember, just try all the houses of the town) which was full of Happy Happyists. They were blocking the way in, so i had to solve the problem: When you see a Happy Happyist that moves faster than the others around him, talk to him and he will let you go on your way.

So after all of that, i found the man who created the Happy Happyism, but couldn't do anything since he threw a thunder on me.

---Note: You need the Franklin Badge, go see Paula and she will give it to you---

So after you get that badge and all, you will be able to go kick that man's ass. Once you have done that, Happy Happyists will turn back to normal and the conflict will be solved and you will be able to save Paula, finally!

Then Paula will join the party. Now return to Twoson, talk with Paula's parents and friends and then visit Everdred, the boss of the park and he will give you a lot of money (just because). Now you are able to see the show on the theatre, go there and talk to the artists, you will recieve a backstage ticket. Visit the backstage, watch the show and stuff.

Now you can pay their debts with the theatre with the money Everdred gave you (you can't use that money for anything else). Once you have paid their debts, they will bring you to Threed, a town you weren't able to visit before.
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27 May 2008 @ 08:53 pm
I went to visit the 2 inventors that live in Twoson: Orange kid and Apple kid.

The Orange kid gave me a machine called Suporma. Then, the Apple kid told me he would need some more time to finish something he was doing, so i trained while waiting for him to tell me what was it all about.

Apparently, he created a Reciever which allowed me to recieve calls.
Some time later, the Orange kid told me that the Apple kid was looking for me at the Park, and when i went there, he gave me a Pencil shape eraser machine. That would allow me to go on my way at the Peaceful Rest Valley!
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18 May 2008 @ 05:10 pm
As i promised the policeman, i went to the police station and met him. The captain Strong wanted to test my strenght so he ordered 5 cops to fight against me. I quickly defeated them,so the captain said he would open the road to Twoson for me.

Ok, so looking at Onett's map, i took the way that leads to Twoson. I found a little house on my way, i entered and talked to a mouse, which gave me one of it's sons to acompany me. The Exit Mouse can be used in dungeons or such places, it will take me back to where i entered.

I kept walking to Twoson.
-Ramblin' evil mushroom (may cause the "mushroomized" status, which can only be healed by a Healer at the hospital)

At some point of my way i found a present, which contained a hamburger.

When i arrived to Twoson i was at the level 14. I found a girl who told me about Twoson. So i decided i would visit the town looking at the map:

There are some crazy enemies at Twonson.
-Annoying old party man
-Crancky Lady
-Unassuming local guy
-New age retro hippie

First, i went to the Deptstore and bought some items. Then i went to Burgling Park, where i found people selling items and stuff. A guy sold me a for sale sign (when i use it, a customer appears quickly asking for what could i sell to him).

On top of a house i found Everdred, the boss of the park. I had a little fight with him, and then he told me that some guys kidnapped a girl named Paula (the one of my dreams) and took her to the Peaceful Rest Valley. He also said something about a human sacrifice...

So i had to find out more about the kidnappers and go save Paula.

I went to the place where Paula worked, Polestar preschool. I talked to everyone, specially her parents, and then went to her room. I found a present there, which contained a teddy bear (when i use a teddy bear it follows me everywhere and, in a fight, he will recieve all the damage of the enemies for me, until it gets destroyed).

Wen i went to the Bus Station, i talked to a girl who told me that people in Happy Happy Village are fanatical about a strange religion. Another man told me that there are UFOs in the Peaceful Rest Valley. After that i went to train myself for a while and then i went to the hotel to sleep.

The next day i headed the Peaceful Rest Valley.
-Mobile Sprout

I walked and walked until i found out that the wooden bridge that leads to Happy Happy Village was broken, and the only way out was blocked by a pencil-shaped iron statue. So i decided to train myself until i gained some more levels and strenght, and then went to the Hotel, i couldn't do anything else for now.
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17 May 2008 @ 04:21 pm
I went to the touring entertainers' shack and opened the locked door. In exchange, one of the entertainers gave me a Travel charm. I went inside the Giant Step.

-Rowdy mouse
-Attack Slug
-Black Antoid
The enemies were not too strong, but i trained myself for a while before i advanced more into the cave.

When i felt i was prepared, i went into the first cave, on the right. There i found a present and opened it, it was a Skip Sandwich. I went out of that cave and walked until i found another one, but this had nothing but an enemy on it.

Then i returned to the main cave and went up the rope, fighted some more enemies and went up another rope. There i found an exit, which leads to another place of the cave. I kept walking and found a present, which was a hamburger. Then i kept walking, it was an easy cave, you couldn't get lost on it, and found another rope.

There i saw a shining light, and before i did anything, i preferred to train myself some more (until level 11 or so) and return home to rest.

After that i saved the game and returned to the place where the shining light was. Apparently, the Giant Step was the first of the 8 Sanctuaries i should visit on my adventure, and that light was a Titanic Ant!! It said i would have to fight if i wanted to get to the sanctuary, and so i did.

By now, i had a powerful PSI hability called PSI Gaming a, so i was able to kill his helpers with the first attack, and eventually, i defeated the Titanic Ant.

Then i was able to go outside and see the giant step. A melody came from somewhere and, the stone Buzz Buzz gave me recorded it.

I returned to the entrance of the Giant Step, where i found the touring entertainers' shack, and a policeman told me that i shouldn't have entered the place, since there was a "Do not enter" warning.He told me to go later to the Police Station. But i went home first, saved the game, talked to my mum and went to sleep.

Then i had a strange dream about a girl called Paula, from Twoson. She was calling me...
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16 May 2008 @ 07:11 pm
I was told that a gang hanged around Onett and specially the Arcade, so i planned going there and make them stop doing bad things.

First, i bought a new weapon, Tee ball bat, and then trained myself a bit. Since low-level enemies like dogs or snakes didn't help much (as i was on level 5 already), i decided to fight the members of the gang i found around Onett, near the Arcade. I knew they were Sharks because they dressed in black and just had a weird look.

Ok so after training and getting to level 6 or 7, i saved the game and entered the Arcade and fighted every single Shark i found there. Then, the guy that was blocking the door to the garden let me enter and there i found their boss, Frank.

Frank is strong, but not invincible. I just hit him and tried to heal myself with the PSI hability or hamburgers. Once i defeated him, he sent his 'Frankystein Machine II' to fight with me. I had a hard time with it, since he had a strong attack which would make my HP go down quickly, but i basically did the same as i did with Frank, and soon the battle was over.

Since he lost, Frank told me more about that place called Giant step. According to Frank, there is some kind of special power stored there that allows certain people to perform great feats.
It seems a monster sucked up all the energy in that place, and it's difficult to get there.

I should try to collect more info in order to know more about what could i find there, for now i know that the entrance is behind the touring entertainers' shack (two people in red i saw before). Frank also said that the mayor of Onett has a key to that shack, so i went to the Townhall.

This time i could get to the mayor, as i defeated the Sharks. He thanked me for keeping Onett safe, and accepted to give me the key as long as i promised he wouldn't have any responsibilities for what could happen at Giant Step, and i obviously accepted.

Then i thought it was time to go buy some healing items and then go home to save and sleep.
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I went out from the library and then started exploring Onett. I went down and stopped by a trash bin. Yes, i dug on it and i found a hamburger.

Then i entered the Burger Shop. I could order food there when i need to recover HP. But for now i am fine, so i talked to everyone there and went out.

My next stop was the Drugstore:

I thought my Cracked Bat was not enough to keep up with what was going to happen to me, so i bought a Yo yo for $29.

The other person was selling a cold remedy, but i didn't buy anything. I talked to everyone (including the dog) and then phoned my Dad to save the game. After that, i phoned my Mum, and she told me that my sis is now part-time working in Escargo Express, so i can send and recieve items from her at any time by phoning her. Also, i checked the ATM (automatic teller machine) near the dog. I had some money there because my Dad put it there for me. I took it all and went out of the Drugstore.

I took my time to visit some houses (looking at the map), and i found a person who would give me a Hint for some $. For now, i didn't want any Hint, so i went out and visited the Townhall.
I talked to everyone inside, but it seemed i couldn't get to see the Mayor, so i left the building and went to the Hotel:

E-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. I wasn't in need of sleeping, so i just explored a bit the place and left.

After that, i went to the Bakery:

The same as the burger shop, i could buy food to recover some HP if i needed to. Again talked to everyone and left the Bakery.

Then, i headed to the Hospital. Apparently, if you want a doctor to check up on you, you need to pay him. Also, if one of your friends is unconscious, you must go to the Hospital with him, but that will cost some cash, too.
It seems that some 'special' diseases can only be cured at Hospitals by a Healer (and yes, it's expensive). So i visited the Hospital rooms and talked to everyone, and then i left the place.

OH, it seems there is a gang called Sharks. I think i found some of them around.
→Pogo Punk
→Yes Man Junior
→Skate Punk

All of them were really hard to beat up. I wonder if they were Shark members? I found out talking to people around Onett that i can find them at the Arcade (see the map).

But for now, i went home, talked to my mum and went to sleep.

Tip: Always check trash bins, you may find useful things.
Try to fight some low-level enemies (like dogs or snakes) around Onett to gain experience and become stronger.
Be sure you have some healing items (cookies, hamburgers...), you could need them at any time.
Phone your Dad whenever you can, he will sometimes put some money into your ATM account.
Hospitals are expensive, but you could always go home and rest there if you need to recover HP or PP. You could also go to Hotels if they are not too expensive and you are not near home.
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12 May 2008 @ 11:32 pm
So i got up and rushed to the living room. I talked to my mum and went out. First i visited Pokey's house and talked with the family. After that, i went to the left from Pokey's house and headed down that way. I arrived to a library and talked to a girl who was wandering around. She told me i could find maps and information at the library.

Inside of the library, a woman gave me Onett's map.

This will be useful!
I talked with everyone and then went out of the building.

Tip: As you can see, it's important to talk to everyone.
Revisit houses that you already know to see if anything has changed or something.
Your sis will store things for you, although you don't need it for now.
Don't forget to phone your dad to save the game!
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12 May 2008 @ 05:29 pm

Ok, so i woke up with a strange noise near my house. Maybe on the hill? Well anyway i went out of my room and walked down the corridor untill my sister's room. She asked me about the noise and i decided to go investigate. Before that, i found out a present on my sis's bedroom. I took it (and equiped it) and after that, i went out of the room.

I went downstairs and talked to my mum. She knew she couldn't do anything against me going to investigate on that terrible noise, so she accepted.

Then, i left home and found some policemen around. They told me about the sound and something about a...meteorite? Well, they wouldn't let me access the area so easily, so i just took the way on my right. I kept walking around for a while (and found another present, i believe it was a cookie or some HP item like that), talking to some policemen, and then arrived to the Hill. My neighbour, Pokey , was there fooling around. Poor policemen, they couldn't stand him anymore...

Well, it seemed a meteorite had fell into the hill. I would investigate more about it later, but for now, i had nothing else to do there...

But late that night, Pokey came to my house and knocked really hard the door. When i opened it Pokey came in desperate. His brother was lost and he asked me to go with him and look for his brother. I accepted and as my mum told me, i told my dog to accompany me, too.

So we did the same way as i did before to go to the hill. Just before we arrived there, a man told me he needed to see me the next day to show me something, and once we got there we saw Pokey's brother, who went to see the meteorite. But then a ray of light came out from the meteorite. After that, a bee look alike alien, Buzz Buzz, appeared from it. He came from the future to tell us about the legend of three boys and a girl who would save the planet Earth from Giygas, "the cosmic destroyer", who was threatening mother Earth.

We were a bit shocked, anyway Buzz Buzz joined us and we went down the hill and headed Pokey's home.
All of a sudden a strange creature called Starman, who happened to be Giygas servant. He accused Buzz Buzz of betrayal and said he would kill him. After fighting him, we went to Pokey's home and talked with his parents about what happened, but sadly, Pokey's mum thought Buzz Buzz was just a bee and punched him!!

Buzz Buzz was dying, but he had the time to tell me more about the legend. Apparently, there are 8 sanctuaries all over the world, and i should go to each one and collect the 8 melodies from said places with a stone he gave me. After that, i should fight Giygas.

Buzz Buzz told me the first sanctuary was near Onett...and then...he died.

I went home to sleep.

Next day, and as i was told by that man, i went to his house near the hill. We went down to a basement and he show me a kind of treasure. But he soon told me to get off of there, in case i was getting interested in his treasure (...?).

Later, i went home to sleep~

Tip: Pick up presents if you find them, they are useful for your adventure~
Talk to everyone. They may (or may not) tell you interesting (or funny) things!
You will find wild animals while walking around, so be careful!! You will have to fight against them!!
Use the phone to call your father and save the game.
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